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Alpha Sigma Alpha

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Our Purpose

Aspire, Seek, Attain

Organization Purpose

Alpha Sigma Alpha is for a lifetime and you will find a lifetime of opportunities to stay involved. Membership offers vast opportunities to make a difference through leadership. As members of Alpha Sigma Alpha, our commitment to improving our communities doesnt end with college. In fact, thats often just the beginning of a lifetime of rewarding involvement with philanthropy and community service.

Our Mission

"Alpha Sigma Alpha is a women's organization that exists to promote high ideals and standards for its members throughout their lives by emphasizing balance among the four aims of intellectual, physical, spiritual and social development. Alpha Sigma Alpha provides structure and guidance through:

sisterhood, which is a strong bond of unconditional friendship based on common values and experiences;

heritage, which is expressed through creed;
ritual and history, opportunities for leadership and involvement in chapter, campus and community."