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Spring Break 2002

Isle of Palm, South Carolina and Charleston, South Carolina


"I don't think I'm supposed to stick this thing in there" -Jen C

"We want to light a fire. Not detonate a bomb." -Chris

"Cavemen can make a fire, but we can't!" -Chris

"I'm Erik's noodle watcher." -Meg

"You can be my noodle watcher." -Erik

During three man...

"Can I have a funnel?" -Meg

"Well I'm not getting laid this evening." -JP

"Do you mind? God and I are having a conversation!" -Chris

"It's not coming!" -Stacy

"If I had a girlfriend she would be very disapointed." -Chris

"Pretzels in the cleavage, Pretzels in the cleavage." -Erik

More three man...

"Erik!! The left makes an L!!!" -everyone

"We are all adults!" -Meg

"We are?" -Graham

"She has had sex with me, she doesn't need a shower." -Erik

"It was that short?" -Meg to Erik

"Was it short, or 'short'?" -Meg to Stacy

"I've taken plenty of cold showers" -Erik

"That's humanity for you. We are on and island and we can't find the beach." -Mike

"Speak for yourself" -Jen C

"Ewww! Gooey!" -Stacy

"You have about five minutes before I discover whether or not this palm tree is edible." -Chris

"Owww!!! My ass hurts! FUCK ME!! My Ass Hurts!!!" -Jen C

"Clearly I have not had enough to drink." -Chris

"It's toasted on the outside." -Jen S

"Yes, but it's not cheesy on the inside." -Chris

"AHHH"(screaming of pain from the bedroom)- Jen C

"What the hell is that?" -Everyone to Meg

"It's ok. Jen is just putting aloe on her ass." -Meg

Appearing from the bedroom door..."Apparently sunburning my ass was a bad thing to do." -Jen C

"I demand sex!" -Chris

"I think we should give Chris sex." -Stacy

Playing hearts...

"I always try to fuck Meg and Jen C, but nothing ever happens." -Erik

"I don't want to fuck myself." -Jen C

"But I'd like to watch." -JP to Jen C

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